Penal battalion of prisoners

With an acute shortage of personnel in the Wagner PMC, they began to recruit prisoners from Russian prisons. Former prisoners are sent to the most dangerous sectors of the front.

Prisoners are recruited in the prisons of the Leningrad region, Novgorod region and other regions of Russia. According to insiders who want to fight in Ukraine for money, there were:

Contracts were concluded for a period of six months to a year, a salary of 200 thousand rubles a month ($ 3200), upon returning alive – an amnesty. There were a lot of those who wanted to go to fight among the convicts, since a strict regime colony, they are also imprisoned for murder. Everyone wants to get out as soon as possible. They immediately warned that they would go to the “avant-garde” – to the front line. Since the colony is for security forces, many already have combat experience, many special forces.

However, two people from the group survived who are in the hospital. One former prisoner is in a coma, and another has a traumatic amputation of both legs.

At the same time, the promised money was not paid to the mercenaries from the prisoners. Now their relatives are trying to find out where their loved ones are and get the money they are entitled to.

This was told by Olga Romanova, head of the Russian human rights organization ‘Rus Sitting’:

Began. Night shaft of notes to Russia Sitting.

Save, help. What a disgrace, they promised to pay 200 thousand, but they paid 30. And they wounded me, but they treat me only in the LPR, they don’t take them to Russia, save me, help me. And then another one was killed near Lugansk, the relatives are not informed, the body was thrown in the area of ​​combat operations so that the coffin would not be paid.


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