This time the “First Channel” distinguished itself by presenting 4 bags of empty boxes to children from the Cancer Center of the RONC.

Employees of the channel from the program ‘Fashionable Verdict’ brought Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden to the Oncology Center, and after congratulations left ‘gifts’.

Imagine the surprise when, instead of gifts, empty boxes were found in the bags, nested one inside the other.

Victoria Biryukova, a volunteer of the cancer center, tried to contact the leadership of the First Channel, where she was informed that they were ready to send 300 Kindersurprises to children, and the channel had no money for more substantial gifts.

Imagine my surprise, or rather shock, when empty sets of boxes were in the bags, without gifts to children! Many different sets of boxes, folded on the principle of nesting dolls one into another. That’s it!

Recall that a similar case occurred in Ufa, when the city administration gave children empty boxes instead of gifts.


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