Эльбрус процессор

At a meeting held in the Ministry of Digitalization, leading Russian companies said that servers using Russian Elbrus processors have a number of unresolved shortcomings.

Representatives of Sberbank and Alrosa noted insufficient performance, low energy efficiency and high cost of server solutions on Russian chips.

Servers based on Microchips ‘Elbrus’ are produced by the Russian company JSC ‘MCST‘.

The architecture of ‘Elbrus’ implies the development of its own software and is not compatible with most of the produced third-party software.

The products of JSC ‘MCST’ have mainly military and dual purposes and are not competitive in comparison with the digital giants Intel and AMD.

Despite the subsidy offered by the state of 50% of the cost when buying servers and desktops of domestic production, large companies such as Sberbank and Alrosa preferred to refrain from purchasing this equipment.



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