Суд отклонил апелляцию Алексея Навального

The Moscow City Court refused to satisfy the appeal of opposition politician Alexei Navalny, sentenced to 9 years in prison.

Lawyers Navalny asked the court to cancel the verdict and acquit their client. The prosecutor’s office demanded to leave the sentence unchanged. Navalny participated in the meeting via videoconference.

At the court hearing, Navalny said:

I despise your judgment, I despise your system and I despise your power, I fear neither you nor your bunker grandfather. And I urge everyone not to be afraid, because this is a crime against yourself.

Also Navalny noticed that by a strange coincidence, the judge who replaced his suspended sentence with a real one after Alexei’s return to Russia suddenly died of Covid:

Judge Natalia Repnikova, through familiar lawyers, conveyed that she regretted her decision. And soon after, for some reason, she died. According to the official version, from the coronavirus. But I still recommend that other judges be careful to convey their regrets to me.

Navalny lawyer Vadim Kobzev said that the defense intends to appeal the court’s decision and transfer the case to a higher instance.


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