В России формируют штрафбаты из заключенных

Russian prisoners are being recruited to fight in Ukraine. Prisoners are promised 200,000 rubles ($ 3,000) and amnesty in 6 months if they remain alive, and in the event of the death of the families of prisoners will receive 5 million rubles ($ 77,000).

Recruitment does not take place directly from the so-called ‘Inspectors’, but is transmitted through the sergeants of the detachments. At the same time, prisoners are not provided with any official documents.

Prisoners are registered for a stage and they go under escort to the Donbass, and on the spot they are transferred to the units of the PMC “Wagner”.

According to the plans of the recruiters, the prisoners should “search for fascists in the Donbas” and “restore the infrastructure.”

Many prisoners agree to the deal, all of them are interviewed and tested on a polygraph.

At the same time, those who have agreed to fight in Ukraine are told that at best only 20% of them will survive.

UPD: A video appeared on social media in which prisoners report recruitment to military units.



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