Инвалида избили в полиции изза обложки паспорта с гербом Украины

Disabled Zakhar Zakurdaev passed the medical examination and presented the doctor with a passport with the coat of arms of Ukraine. The doctor reported this to the police and on March 28, the man was detained by the police.

At the police station, the man was beaten and forced to sign a confession that he was involved in mass rallies, and could also be involved in “Ukrainian groups”, in particular, Azov.

He was forced to sign a protocol for the search of the apartment, and a protocol was drawn up on the “discrediting of the army of the Russian Federation” because of the cover of the passport with the coat of arms of Ukraine. Zakurdaev was held by police until March 29, when he was released. He immediately sought medical attention at the hospital to record the beatings.

The court allegedly took into account the fact that Zakurdaev has a disability of the 3rd group, but considered it possible to impose a fine of 30 thousand rubles on him.

As Zakhar Zakurdayev explained, he used the cover of the passport with the coat of arms of Ukraine because he does not like it when people die in war .

Omsk, Russia.



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