Losses of Ukraine in the war with Russia

It is impossible to name the exact number of Ukrainian military losses due to the lack of public data on the number of losses. But losses can be judged by random insiders.

Recently, a former adviser to the office of the President of Ukraine Zelensky, Aleksey Arestovich, on one of the broadcasts with Mark Feigin, accidentally mentioned that today (May 2023) 13,000 military personnel are missing in Ukraine.

Based on the data of researchers on the missing soldiers of the Red Army during the Second World War, we can conclude that the ratio of total losses and losses of those killed is 1/8.

Thus, after a rough correlation, we can conclude that from February 2022 to May 2023, the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost 104,000 people killed.

This number does not include irretrievable casualties among the wounded.

In June 2022, according to a rough estimate, the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost about 30,000 people, therefore, from June 2022 to May 2023, about 70,000 more people were killed. All these calculations are very approximate and can only show the quantitative order of losses. How things really are, we will know only after the end of the war.


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