The Russian manufacturer JSC ‘Intellect Machine’ presented a robot dog equipped with a grenade launcher. As it turned out, the robot dog, supposedly of domestic development, is actually a Chinese G1 robot manufactured by Unitree and costs, depending on the configuration, from $2,700 to $3,500.

At the same time, the Russian media proudly declared that “the vehicle is a sample of the M-81 robotic complex, which can conduct aimed fire and transport weapons.”

Curiously, Putin visited the Army 2022 exhibition and even gave a speech there.

Such cases, when a Russian manufacturer passes off Chinese toys as their own developments, are far from rare. So at the end of 2011, the Russian edition of Zvezda published an article in which he spoke about a unique military development, which turned out to be a chassis for a tank model purchased on Aliexpress.

This kind of deception was demonstrated by the Russian company ‘Kronstadt’, demonstrating a drone, allegedly of its own production, which turned out to be a Chinese drone.

Such blatant fraud will continue to occur. In Russia, they cannot produce anything technologically advanced, except for crowbars and wooden dildos, and all developments ‘unparalleled in the world’ turn out to be cheap fakes.


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