To date, two helicopters and two military aircraft have been destroyed. Aviation equipment was damaged over the territory of Russia. In the Bryansk region they are looking for saboteurs.

During the day, there were reports of helicopters and planes falling from the sky. As it turned out later, all the crashed cars were part of the same air group.

It is known about the fall of 4 cars:

  1. Helicopter MI-8 1 MTPR fire support
  2. Helicopter Mi-8 transport
  3. Su-35C fighter
  4. Su-34 bomber
Mi-8 helicopter 1 MTPR fire support Mi-8 transport helicopter Su-35C fighter Su-34 bomber

The task of the Su-34 bomber was to bomb targets in the Chernihiv region of Ukraine. The Su-35S fighter was covering the bomber. Two helicopters insured the pilots of the aircraft in case of their ejection over the territory of Ukraine.

However, the air group did not even have time to cross the border of Ukraine, all the aircraft were shot down over the territory of Russia.

The photographs from the helicopter crash site clearly show traces of shrapnel.

Shrapnel traces in the wreckage of the helicopter

In the Bryansk region, the “Interception” plan has been announced, the police and the FSB are looking for Ukrainian saboteurs.

At the same time, it is suggested that the planes could have been shot down by a counter strike by Ukrainian aircraft or by long-range air defense systems.


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