Russian war correspondent Vladlen Tatarsky killed in terrorist attack

The explosion sounded at about 18.00 in the cafe ‘Street Bar’ where Vladlen Tatarsky’s creative evening was held. As a result of the attack, a man died, 18 more people were hospitalized in serious condition.

It is reported that the explosion occurred after Tatarsky was presented with a commemorative statuette. Eyewitnesses said that a certain girl approached Vladlen Tatarsky and introduced herself as a sculptor. She said that she was doing work to glorify the SMO and handed over the figurine to the military commander.

A few minutes later there was an explosion. However, the girl who presented the gift did not leave the hall. She is currently in the hospital along with other victims.

The girl is from Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. Her real name is Maria Yarun, although she introduced herself as Nastya.

Maria Jarun
Maria Jarun and the consequences of the explosion

The Office of the President of Ukraine declared that they were not involved in the explosion in a cafe in St. Petersburg.

In August last year, Alexander Dugin’s car was blown up. As a result of the terrorist attack, his daughter Daria Dugina died.

The ‘National Republican Army‘ then claimed responsibility for the explosion.


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