Сын Жириновского сменил фамилию

The son of the recently deceased Vladimir Zhirinovsky, former Deputy Speaker of the State Duma Igor Lebedev changed his name and surname.

Igor Vladimirovich Lebedev has now become David Alexandrovich Garcia. The former politician decided not to change his gender and sexual orientation yet, however, the sexual orientation of Russian politicians has long been clear.

Igor Lebedev owns luxury real estate in Spain, he owns an apartment of 133m2 (1431.6 ft2) in the elite residential complex Villa Gadea and a large plot of land.

Perhaps Lebedev wanted to avoid the sanctions imposed on Russian officials in connection with the war unleashed by Putin in Ukraine or it was an attempt to finally sever ties with Russia and his father, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who gained fame as Putin’s court clown.

In social networks joke:

Why did Lebedev take the surname Garcia and not Julio or Pedro?

The names Julio and Pedro have a discordant sound in Russian language.


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