В Беларуси запретили Оруэла

Publishing houses of the Republic of Belarus and bookstores are ordered to withdraw from sale the novel by George Orwell ‘1984’.

The anitutopia ‘1984’ tells about the totalitarian society of the future, the characteristic features of which can be observed in countries with dictatorial regimes and is analyzed into quotes: “War is peace”, “Freedom is slavery”, “Big Brother is watching you”.

The novel ‘1984’ is very popular all over the world, translated into several dozen languages, including Belarusian.

Oruela’s novel ‘1984’ took the 4th place in book sales of the Belarusian book market.

In August 2020, mass protests were held in Belarus after the presidential elections, which were won by Svetlana Tikhanovskaya. However, the election results were falsified and the current president of the country, Alexander Lukashenko, remained in power.



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