Закон о врагах народа

According to the prepared bill, the list of foreign agents may include an individual or an organization not only receiving funding from abroad, but also “a person who has received support and (or) is under foreign influence in other forms.”

Thus, the list of foreign agents, “enemies of the people and the state”, can include all persons trained abroad, as well as organizations that support such persons.

All this is reminiscent of the criteria for assessing charges under the Stalinist criminal code of the USSR times, when people were tried only because they studied or lived abroad some time ago.

Under the new law “On Foreign Agents”, persons and organizations recognized as foreign agents “under foreign influence” will have a number of restrictions on working in state structures and receiving funding from the state.

However, the measures taken against the so-called “Foreign Agents” can be tightened at any time and transferred from the category of administrative violations to criminal prosecution.

Thus, the new law ‘On Foreign Agents’ is actually the ‘Law on Enemies of the People and the State’.



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