Путин просил у Ирана дроны

Putin’s visit to Iran ended last week. The real purpose of Putin’s meeting with Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi was to buy Shahed 129 and Shahed 136 military drones from Iran.

In June of this year, a Russian delegation twice visited an airfield in central Iran to study drones and demonstrate their work.

The interest of the Russian side in buying drones is due to the serious backlog of the Russian military industry in this industry.

At the same time, the Turkish UAVs Bayraktar TB-2 are actively and successfully used in combat operations by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

After the Himars air defense systems appeared in Ukraine, the Russian army suffered significant losses in material support.

The purchase of Shahed 129 drones by Russia is intended to ensure the alignment of tactical forces in the war with Ukraine.

The first batch of Shahed 129 UAVs has already been shipped and is heading across the Caspian Sea towards Astrakhan to take part in the hostilities.

UAV ‘Shahed 129’ is designed for reconnaissance and combat operations. The drone can lift 400 kg into the air, combat armament 4 Sadid-345 guided bombs. The wingspan of the UAV is 16 meters, the speed is 150 km/h, the combat range is 1700 km, the maximum flight altitude is 7300 m.


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