Шаман Николай Дылыков

Russian media reported that shaman Alexander Gabyshev was detained in Yekaterinburg while trying to march on the Kremlin, although shaman Alexander Gabyshev is currently in a psychiatric clinic in Novosibirsk.

Shaman Alexander Gabyshev
Shaman Alexander Gabyshev

Recall that the shaman Alexander Gabyshev in 2019 made a trip to Moscow to expel Putin and restore justice, but was detained in Buryatia.

Subsequently, the police and riot police came to the house of Alexander Gabyshev. Gabyshev was beaten and taken into custody.

A psychiatric examination found Alexander Gabyshev insane and by court decision he was sent to a psychiatric clinic.

This time, however, the Russian media was wrong. Gabyshev is still in a psychiatric clinic, and in Yekaterinburg was detained shaman Nikolai Dylykov, aka Dylyk Khan from Ulan Ude, also known for his ambiguous position on the current government in Russia.

Following the Russian media, foreign ones also published about the new detention of Alexander Gabyshev.

Confused shamans


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