Нигерия поддерживает Россию

Nigerian Ambassador to Russia Abdullahi Shehu said that the country is preparing to accept Russian Mir payment cards:

We are also discussing the use of the Mir payment system in Nigeria, our financial institutions are in dialogue with Russian partners. Today, if you are going to Africa, you need to have cash with you: in dollars, in euros, in pounds.

Nigeria is also ready to consider a request for recognition of the DPR and LPR, if it comes from the authorities of the Russian Federation. This is a great success of Russian diplomacy.

Along with Eritrea, which recently handed over a Eritrea will put drums in the Russian army to the Russian army, Nigeria supports Russia in a difficult situation and increasing pressure from Western countries.


The Mir payment system is the Russian national payment system. Calculations are made in Russian rubles. Credit cards and debit cards with overdraft support are issued.


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