Африканские военные барабаны

Eritrea, which supported the Russian invasion of Ukraine as military aid, will transfer special military drums to Djembe to Russia.

The sound of Djembe’s military drums travels up to 20 km and can replace civilian walkie-talkies and mobile phones used by the Russian military in Ukraine.

The special code of drumming can be quickly replaced in contrast to Russian developments.

In addition, the sounds of Djembe’s military drums raise morale in the troops.

Eritrean Defence Minister General Filipos Voldeiohannes said:

General Filipos Voldeiohannes

The Eritrean army has successfully used Djembe during military operations. We recommend that the Russian leadership introduce the position of a combat drummer, as is customary in the Army of Eritrea.

The first batch of Djembe drums has already left Asmara airport in the capital.



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