Imaginary saboteur Andrey Chuenkov

On August 15, Russian media, citing the FSB, reported that Ukrainian saboteurs had been liquidated in the Volgograd region and named their names. As it turned out, these people are not related to the special services of Ukraine:

As established by the FSB, the organization of the sabotage and terrorist act under the control of the Ukrainian special services was carried out by members of Restrukt – Russian citizen Andrei Chuenkov, born in 1986, who participates in hostilities in Ukraine as part of the Uragan national battalion, and Ukrainian Yuri Ionov, born in 1988, who is a member of the Azov National Battalion and is associated with the leader of this organization.

One of the named saboteurs lives in Kyiv, and the other was killed in early March of this year.

Andrey Chuenkov, identified by the FSB as a member of a sabotage group and not related to either the Ukrainian special services or the Azov regiment.

He said this on his Instagram:

Another defendant, Yuri Ionov, according to Andrey Churenkov, was killed in Mariupol on March 22 this year.

Churenkov himself left Russia in 2020 for Ukraine, where he received political asylum. Indeed, Churenkov and Ionov were associated with the nationalist movement and Maxim Martsinkevich, mentioned in the media.

Maxim Martsinkevich “Tesak” died in prison in 2020 under strange circumstances.

What was actually shown on the video provided by the FSB remains unclear. We see a car shot through with bullets and some fragments indicating the presence of dead people in the car.

All this looks more like a low-quality staging in order to convince the citizens of Russia of the power of the Russian special services and has no other purpose than propaganda.


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