Сатанинские культы на Украине

To say that Russian propaganda has once again broken the bottom in its desire to turn Russian citizens against Ukraine is to say nothing. The bottom has long been broken.

RIA Novosti published the news that “At the Mariupol base of Azov militants, items of satanic and pagan cults were found.”

The desire of Russian propaganda is understandable, because Russia is losing the war, and Ukraine should be presented as a fiend of hell.

Periodically, the Russian media “find” “terrible” things from their point of view in the occupied territories of Ukraine.

At the end of April this year, Russian propaganda discovered the headquarters of gays and lesbians in Mariupol, and in early May there was an article that the AFU were engaged in black magic.

Propaganda of this kind is quite typical of aggressive regimes whose goal is to sow hatred. Enemies should look like terrible and disgusting monsters who drink blood and eat children.

On the territory of the Mariupol base “Azov”, located in the immediate vicinity of the city school No. 61, militants built a pagan temple. Several wooden idols, ranging in height from one and a half to three meters, were surrounded in a circle by stones. In addition to the idols, inside the religious building there was a semblance of an altar. The temple was located between two barracks in which recruits lived.

In addition, a stand with pagan and satanic graphic symbols was found in the location of the part, among which Fenrir was identified – a huge wolf from Old Norse mythology, and many images of Satan placed on an inverted pentagram, that is, a five-pointed star.

What other “discoveries” of Russian propaganda can we expect in the future?

There is no doubt that in the future, Russian propaganda will “find” something amazing and shocking. One can expect “found” secret laboratories for the creation of biological weapons and an even greater propaganda frenzy like cannibalism and total drug addiction in the Ukrainian army.

To the Russian man in the street, Ukraine should seem like a country of moral freaks, a country of cults and rituals, with gay drug addicts and Nazis at the head of state.

And what about Russia?

Russian propaganda forgets that there are a considerable number of neopagans in Russia itself. The cult of neopaganism in Russia arose relatively recently and is closely related to neo-Nazism and anti-Semitism.

Anti-Semites and neo-Nazis cannot accept that Jesus Christ was a Jew and that the events that formed the basis of Christianity took place in a land inhabited by Jews.

The result of this rejection was the so-called ‘Rodnoveriye’ – an attempt to copy the pagan rites of the ancient Slavs.

Pagan temples in Russia have existed for a long time and quite legally. Officially, there is freedom of religion in Russia, although this is often not the case at all, if we recall the criminal prosecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Neo-Nazism in Russia is also not as russian propaganda would like to see. Neo-Nazis in Russia occupy responsible positions in the government and have their own lobby.

Rogozin zigzags
In this photo, the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, threw up his hand in a Nazi salute. The text on the poster reads: ‘Whites of all countries, unite!’
Nazi Rogozin
But Dmitry Rogozin under the flag of the neo-Nazi party Russian National Unity

This is the very case when propaganda does not notice what is happening in its own country. But the people who supported the RNE have not gone away. They still live in Russia and although neo-Nazism is officially banned in Russia, these people are not persecuted.

But in Ukraine there are neo-Nazis and pagans. The main thing is not to confuse the country.


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