Worst heist ever

A drunken man with a gun took away 35 rubles from a girl and now he faces 10 years in prison. This is the cost of 10 boxes of matches.

The 38-year-old robber attacked the girl and, under the threat of using a weapon, took away her wallet, which contained 35 rubles ($0.54) in small coins. This is the cost of 10 boxes of matches.

Witnesses were local residents walking their dogs nearby. They helped the girl fight off the attacker.

The girl called the police and the robber was soon detained. The gun with which he threatened the girl turned out to be pneumatic.

Now the unlucky robber faces 10 years in prison for armed robbery.

If somewhere there is a competition for the most stupid robbery, then the hero of this story is a very worthy candidate to participate in such a competition.

Zheleznogorsk, Russia.



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