Faecal fountains are not uncommon in Saratov. In 2018, due to a sewerage breakthrough in Saratov, a fountain of feces 4 meters high was hammered.

This year, the faecal fountain is about the same height and its flow managed to flood the nearest streets while utilities eliminated the gushing of shit from the pipe.

The Saratov authorities modestly announced the rupture of the sludge pipeline, but Russian journalists decided to check this fact and it was not confirmed.

The authoritative Russian publication MK, known for its experts in the field of fecal emissions, confirmed that it is the feces that flow from the fountain in Saratov, and not at all the silt, as the city authorities claim.

Currently, the fecal fountain is drowned out, but a characteristic smell is present at the scene of the accident.

The fecal theme in Russia is not limited only to fountains of shit, for example, in Yakutia, sculptures from dung are sculpted annually and sculptural compositions from this substance enjoy great attention among a certain part of Russian citizens.

Saratov, Russia.


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