Wreckage of Ukrainian drone found in Moscow

A man walking his dog in the Svitino area found the wreckage of a drone painted in the colors of the flag of Ukraine and the inscription ‘Glory to Ukraine’.

The village of Svitino is located in the Moscow region, but in 2012, after the revision of administrative boundaries, this territory was assigned to Moscow. From Svitino to the Moscow Kremlin about 60 km.

It is reported that the wingspan of the fallen UAV is about 2 meters, and it is made in a handicraft way.

However, such UAVs are in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine and are successfully used by them.

Experts are trying to figure out who launched the drone and for what purpose, but it is already clear that Muscovites have a real chance of being attacked by kamikaze drones, similar to what Russia is shelling Ukrainian cities with.


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