Apparently, Ukraine used an old Soviet Tu-141 ‘Strizh’ drone as a kamikaze drone.

The air defense system of the Tula region managed to shoot down a drone that fell and exploded in the private sector, leaving a huge crater in the courtyard of a private house.

It is reported that two young people, a 21-year-old boy and a 17-year-old girl, received shrapnel wounds.

Glass was shattered in a neighboring multi-storey building, another 8 private houses were damaged.

Destruction in the Tula region
Destruction in the Tula region

The Soviet operational-tactical reconnaissance drone Tu-141 ‘Strizh’ has been produced since 1979 at the Kharkov plant. The drone has a flight range of 1,000 km at a speed of 1,100 km/h. This range is enough to hit military targets in Russia. Ukraine has several dozen such drones. Similar incidents have already taken place when a drone of this model hit an airfield in the Saratov region, where long-range aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces were based.


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