90 people in Russia were poisoned by surrogate Sidr

Reports of cider poisoning started coming in a few days ago. 16* fatal cases of surrogate poisoning were registered.

*UPD: 32 deaths recorded.

All victims used cider brand ‘Mr Cider’. The reasons for the poisoning are not yet clear, but it is probably methanol poisoning.

As it turned out, the surrogate cider ‘Mr. Cider’ was made by mixing juice concentrate with aromatics, water and alcohol-containing products.

Probably part of the product was diluted with methyl alcohol, which led to poisoning. “Mr. Cider” products are seized in all regions of Russia, the founder of the company, managers and chief accountant were detained.

By a strange coincidence, the detained founder of the company ‘Mr. Cider’ is called Anar Huseynov, which is typical for representatives of Azerbaijani nationality.

On the fact of the incident in Russia, a draft law on state regulation of the sale of methyl alcohol has been put forward.


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