Российская пропаганда облажалась

Russian opposition journalist Alexander Nevzorov published a document in which the publication ‘Russia Today’ asked for assistance in shooting a staged video with the destruction of the Ukrainian HIMARS missile launcher of the Minister of Defense of Belarus.

The international news agency ‘Russia Today’ of the Republic of Belarus […] asks for assistance in preparing a report for our website sputnik.by about the destruction of MLRS BY RUSSIAN TROOPS HIMARS. According to the agreements reached, the layout of the launcher will be provided by the Russian side on July 22, 2022 to the Obuz-Lesnovsky military training ground on the day of the staged shooting.

Destruction himars staging

Alexander Nevzorov commented on the document as follows:

How sloppy! Such contractors should be classified more carefully than drawings of bridges and losses. Otherwise, herds of Russian viewers will begin to guess that 99% of the “victories” of Putin’s army in Ukraine are crude staged fakes filmed on plywood models.


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