The Council of Bloggers of Russia put forward claims against the company ‘Meta’ because of the blocking of Facebook and Instagram in Russia.

Social networks Facebook and Instagram were blocked by Roskomnadzor in Russia at the request of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation after the outbreak of war with Ukraine.

However, the Council of Bloggers under the Civic Chamber of Russia put forward demands not to Roskomnadzor, but to Meta, arguing that 12 million Russians who have business in blocked social networks were left without means of subsistence.

The Council of Bloggers demanded that the management of Meta apologize for encouraging violent actions against Russian citizens because of which the social networks Facebook and Instagram were blocked.

The Council of Bloggers promised to sue Meta and in order to pay compensation of 1 billion rubles ($ 11,800,384) in favor of Russian entrepreneurs who used Facebook and Instagram to generate income.

This behavior caused bewilderment to users of social networks since it was not Meta that blocked Russian citizens, but Russian censorship represented by Roskomnadzor.


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