Сексшопы в России

In connection with the conduct of sanctions against Russia and the restriction of supplies in Russian sex shops, sex toys and goods for masochists are running out.

In an interview with the radio station ‘Moscow Speaks‘, the owner of the network of sexshops ‘Pink Rabbit‘ Maximilian Lapin said:

There are difficulties with supplies, some Europeans secretly let us know that they were asked from above not to send them directly to Russia, to the delight of Milonov (*). Therefore, logistics are changing, time is lengthening. But the exchange rate pleases, and this helps the business a little, and compensates for the growth of logistics costs. We raised prices a little, we also had good stocks of goods for the New Year and Spring, this gave us the opportunity to survive the most difficult two months – April and May. Deliveries from China are also delayed in time, and from the United States we stopped buying, as there is a big risk that the goods will not come.

At the same time, the Russian sex industry expects the help of a domestic manufacturer and this help came at the right time.

At the Vologda woodworking plant No. 7, it is planned to produce goods for sex shops, which will compensate for the costs of sanctions.

Vologda Plant No7

The company is preparing to release products that allow satisfying the most exquisite taste of lovers of sexual deviations.

Plant Director Andrey Gorshkov says:

Our company has only been expanding in recent years. This is exactly the case when the sanctions have been beneficial. Recently, we opened a workshop for the production of goods for sex shops. The range of products is not yet large, but we produce exclusive things. These are mostly wooden. Modern technologies allow us to create environmentally friendly products that meet strict standards.
Products go through a full technological path from the forest directly to the customer in just a few days.
Now we produce of various sizes, some products can be painted in traditional Russian scales, under Gzhel and Khokhloma.

Also, according to special orders, we can paint products in colors that customers prefer. painted in the colors of the Russian flag are in great demand.

At the same time, the Russian industry is ready for the production of latex and rubber products for sexshops, but there is a lack of equipment and personnel.

Maximilian Lapin noted in an interview:

We are developing Russian production. We produce many goods in Russia and try to switch to domestic production as much as possible. We thought about opening a plant for the production of silicone toys – calculations were made, serious guys were contacted, who were engaged in investments and have competence in this direction. But 2-3 years are needed in order to adjust the work of vibration motors and the silicone itself is foreign, plus casting machines require large investments.


State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov is known for his negative statements about sexshops. Milonov is an ardent LGBT fighter and holds conservative, traditional views, but often overdoes it.


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