В Батайске 3 недели ловили несуществующего крокодила

On June 24, a resident of Bataysk reported that she had seen a crocodile in the water area of the canal. A Cossack squad was sent to search for the animal.

The crocodile was searched with the help of thermal imagers, traps were set, but all in vain. The crocodile did not appear.

Local zoologists gave interviews, access to water was blocked.

Meanwhile, in local publics there was information that the crocodile escaped from Africa in the village of Solnechny. The owner of the crocodile began to receive threats, but the owner never appeared.

Residents shared observations that a crocodile of 8 meters and meter teeth feeds on a human 1.5 meters long sometimes goes out to bask in the sun.

Three weeks later, the traps for the crocodile were removed, but the search did not stop. The search for the reptile was finally stopped only on July 19.

The Office of the Federal Service of the Russian Federation for Drug Control in the Rostov Region warned residents about the inadmissibility of the use of narcotic substances and recalls that the distribution of drugs is punishable by law.

Bataysk, Rostov Region, Russia.


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