Russian military poisoning

According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, a group of servicemen was poisoned with botulinum toxin:

31 July s. d. Russian servicemen who performed tasks in the area of ​​the settlement of Vasilyevka, Zaporozhye region, were taken to a military hospital with signs of severe poisoning. As a result of the examination, a toxic substance of type “B” was found in the body of the servicemen.

Theoretically, botulinum toxin can be used as a chemical warfare agent. The US Army has some stocks of botulinum toxin type “A”, but not type “B”.

Botulinum toxin is formed in canned food in the absence of oxygen and is the cause of the disease botulism.

Most likely, the servicemen were poisoned from low-quality canned army dry rations.

But the Russian media do not even consider the version of the poisoning of servicemen with low-quality canned food and continue to scare the Russian population with stories about terrible biological laboratories on the territory of Ukraine.

Unofficial sources report that about 30 servicemen were injured, some of the poisoned received a lethal dose.


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