A harem for the sexual pleasures of Yevgeny Prigozhin was arranged in one of the hotels. For every virgin, Prigozhin paid 100,000 rubles ($1,106).

One of the girls shared a story about a date with Prigogine:

He ordered many different girls at once a little over 18. He had sex without a condom: he believed that he was exchanging energy, fluids in this way, as if he were getting a charge of vivacity from them. In general, he has a lot of his own oddities, for example, “satellites” are sewn under his foreskin. This is such a fashionable topic for some men, especially in the zone, when all sorts of items are sewn there. It is believed that this should make a sexual giant out of a man and that women are dragged from this. In fact, it is painful and unpleasant for women.

It was in the fall of 2019, I was 18 years old, I lived in St. Petersburg, I was in a deep depression and had to go to the hospital. At that time, I met a girl my age – she was kicked out of the house, she really needed money. She asked if I would like to sell my virginity for 40 thousand rubles, and then she would receive a commission. I’m like, let’s do it, although I didn’t really need the money myself.

I didn’t know who to do it with. First, I met his pimp in a cafe on Nevsky Prospekt, had a nice talk with her. It was a girl in her 30s with long dark hair. She said that she should go to the clinic and have her virginity checked. I was sent to the Sogaz clinic, right there on the other side of Nevsky Prospekt. At the reception you had to say the password “women’s sport”.

A few days after the check, I was sent to the hotel – Solo Sokos Hotel Vasilievsky on Vasilyevsky Island. It seems to me that there were always some rooms reserved for him and the girls and there were always some people who supervised them. There were girls, not virgins, whom he paid 5,000 rubles for sex. It was they who told me that it was Prigogine. They had been waiting for him for several days.

I knew quite well at that time who Prigozhin was – I read independent media and investigations about “Putin’s chef.” In complete shock, I went to the hotel room and waited for him. He started knocking on the wrong door, thought I wasn’t opening it, and got angry. And then I realized that he was wrong. And I just sat there looking taken aback. Then he said that there was a girl who never opened up to him.

Everything was very fast, he has a very small penis, in which there are still some balls under the skin. When he left, he told me: “be kinder.” Because I had such an awesome expression on my face. Even for my insane nature, selling virginity to Prigogine is too much. I didn’t really need the money either. In general, I felt terribly depressed. I remember that day I was still thinking about not being late for an appointment with a doctor in a psychiatric hospital.

Apparently, he was very often in this hotel and there always had to be girls ready for him. He looked for virgins and called them “shampoo”. As I was later told, he has a quirk on this – to deprive of virginity. And “shampoo” – by analogy with shampoos in a hotel: you open it and throw it away. He just left the money in a pile on a chair, 100 thousand: 40 I had to take for myself, 60 thousand to give to the pimp.



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