Шойгу нашелся

Despite the rumors circulating on social networks about the disgrace or even death of Sergei Shoigu, there is reason to believe that the Minister of Defense is alive.

Today, he held a meeting, according to the press service of the Ministry of Defense, on the implementation of the state defense order program and the fulfillment of social obligations to military personnel.

Sergei Shoigu did not appear in public for 12 days, he was absent from an online meeting of the Security Council of the Russian Federation and many users of social networks began to put forward conspiracy theories about the fate of Shoigu.

They talked about the alleged plot against Putin and the disgrace of the defense minister.

The black humor inherent in the opposition was demonstrated by Gennady Gudkov with a hint of frequent media reports that another dismembered corpse was found in St. Petersburg:

Gudkov jokes
Well, jokes on the web! “Given that Putin is from St. Petersburg, I’m not sure that Shoigu is now in any one place.”

In 2019, the dismembered corpse of Anastasia Yeshchenko was found in St. Petersburg. It was later established that she was killed and dismembered by her boyfriend, Professor Oleg Sokolov.
Sokolov soon had imitators, and throughout 2019, almost every month, there were reports from St. Petersburg of found dismembered corpses.
As a result, the meme “City of dismemberment” firmly stuck to St. Petersburg.


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