Джо Байден в Польше

While on a two-day visit to Poland, US President Joe Biden made a speech in which he outlined the further US policy towards Russia, which unleashed the war:

It is a struggle between freedom and repression, a struggle between a world order based on rules and laws and brute force. We need to prepare ourselves for a long struggle, we will not win in a day or a month.

Ukraine is now at the forefront of the struggle for democracy and freedom.

Putin has set himself an indecent goal. He, like all autocrats, believes that whoever is stronger is right. But Abraham Lincoln said that the power is in the truth. So let’s prove it.

Putin has said he wants to denazify Ukraine — that’s a cynical lie, he wants to throw off Zelenskiy, who is Jewish, who is legitimately elected, whose grandfather fought Nazi Germany.

American forces in Europe are not to engage in a conflict with Russia, but to protect NATO.

Don’t even think about attacking at least one NATO country. We are all one.

Russian oligarchs are the architects of this war. We took everything from them.

We offered the Kremlin real proposals to stabilize the situation, but the Kremlin rejected all of them. We warned that they would invade, but they said, “No, it’s only exercises, we’re not going to attack.”

The West has united in sanctions to worsen the economic system in Russia. Imports of Energy in Russia are banned, family members of Russian leaders are under sanctions, more than 400 companies are under sanctions. The oligarchs, who have made huge profits from corruption, must now share this pain. More than 400 individuals and companies have left Russia, including even McDonald’s. The ruble has turned to ashes and is worth more than 200 rubles.

Two days ago I announced that we would accept one hundred thousand refugees, 8 of whom we have already accepted. In Brussels, we have already raised an additional billion dollars for humanitarian aid. We will not stop trying to deliver humanitarian aid, even to Mariupol, which is blocked by Russian troops.

We need to help alleviate the situation a little bit in some cities [Ukraine]. Look at what is happening in Mariupol, we must help them deliver humanitarian aid. This war has already become a strategic failure of Russia.

Putin can and should end this war. Europe must end its dependence on fuel from Russia. This is a matter of economic and national security.

Russians are cut off from the modern world. You were a country of the 21st century. Now you are a country of the 19th century.

I have always told you, the Russian people, directly and honestly, let me say this if you are able to listen: you, the Russian people, are not our enemies. I refuse to believe that you welcome the killing of innocent children, the rocket attacks and the bombing of hospitals, schools, maternity hospitals.

These are not memories of the past. This is exactly what the Russian army is doing now in Ukraine. That’s not who you are. This is not the future you deserve for your families and your children. I’m telling you the truth. This war is unworthy of you, the Russian people.

Putin should not stay in power.



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