Антонио Бандерас внесен в России в санкционный список изза фамилии

Our source, on the rights of anonymity, said that Hollywood actor Antonio Banderas, prepared under Putin’s new decree , was included in the Russian sanctions list.

The actor will be forbidden to cross the border of Russia, films with his participation will be withdrawn from distribution.

This is rather strange, Antonio Banderas visited Russia several times and always spoke positively about Russia and the Russians.

Our insider said:

Some official came up with the idea that the surname Banderas is consonant with the surname Bandera.

Russian propaganda considers the national hero of Ukraine Stepan Bandera the founder of Ukrainian nationalism, his name is considered a household name and is used only in a negative context.

Attention! The information needs additional verification. Confirmation of this fact is possible after the publication of the sanctions list.


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