Указ о контрсанкциях

Vladimir Putin signed a decree on retaliatory sanctions, which, in his opinion, should affect the West’s policy towards Russia. There is no doubt that retaliatory sanctions will finish off the already weakening Russian economy.

The decree on retaliatory sanctions was published on the website of the Official Internet Portal of Legal Information.

According to this decree, Russian state structures are prohibited from entering into commodity-money relations with individuals and legal entities from countries that have allowed “unfriendly actions” towards Russia.

Probably, this is only the first step towards the adoption of retaliatory sanctions.

In practice, this will affect the purchase by Russian state institutions of products of Western companies. Thus, the state structures of the Russian Federation will be deprived of the opportunity to purchase computer equipment, special means and equipment to ensure the activities of law enforcement agencies.

Putin ordered the Central Bank of the Russian Federation to give explanations regarding this dubious decree, but we remember that retaliatory sanctions in 2014 affected a huge sector of the economy, which led to a significant increase in prices and inflation.


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