The Latvian government approved a law on the demolition of 69 monuments of the Soviet and fascist era.

The law prohibits exhibiting in public open space, public buildings, with the exception of accredited museums, monuments, commemorative signs and other objects located on the territory of Latvia since 1940 and meeting at least one of the established criteria – the glorification of the occupying power of the USSR or Nazi Germany, associated with events or persons glorifying totalitarianism, violence, military aggression, war and military ideology, or containing symbols of Soviet power or Nazism.

Demolition of the monument to the Liberators has already begun in Riga.

These actions of the Latvian authorities cause dissatisfaction of some sections of citizens in Latvia and Russia. In fact, the monuments of the Soviet era are equated with Nazi symbols.

For 20 years, Putin’s propaganda has been saying that Western countries are showing Russophobia. But no one had the idea to demolish monuments to Russian soldiers who defeated Nazi Germany in the early 2000s. And only in 2022, Russophobia really began in the world after the invasion of the Russian army into the territory of Ukraine.


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