Inadequate deputy

After the ‘Mash’ Telegram channel published information that the United States was going to build a biological laboratory near the Russian borders, Deputy Andrey Gurulev expressed his opinion on retaliatory steps.

Since such a situation has developed, we ourselves need to sit down, our scientists, and develop […] the same weapon against the Anglo-Saxons. They specifically study the gene pool of each people and try to make the weapon that this people will destroy for the gene pool. We need to deal with the Anglo-Saxons – this is the main enemy. And they should know about it: guys, God forbid, you will receive in return.

The deputy and former general Andriy Gurulyov did not differ in particular adequacy before, and with the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, fate did not spare his mental abilities.

Earlier, Gurulev called for a preventive nuclear strike on European countries and the United States and wanted to reintroduce in Russia the concept of ‘enemy of the people’ and mass repressions against citizens.


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