Начальник отдела полиции Кутамышевский подполковник Сергей Сединкин

A real police Santa Barbara unfolded in the Kutamyshevsky police station of the Kurgan region. The wife of the head of the department was jealous of the employee to her husband and staged a fight right in the police department.

The common-law wife of Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Sedinkin, Senior Lieutenant Svetlana Nastenkova, decided that her man wanted to fight off 30-year-old police captain Irina Dobrydina.

Nastenkova was on maternity leave, but decided to arrange a showdown with the alleged mistress of the lieutenant colonel.

She came to the police station armed with a hammer and got into a fight with the offender.

One of the employees, Major Irina Ivanova, tried to separate the interlocking women, but Svetlana Nastenkova’s sister, Major Elena Maltseva, who also works in the Kutamyshevsky police department, entered the “battle”.

Santa Barbara in the internal affairs department 'Kutamyshevsky'

As a result, all the women received injuries of varying severity, and the Case was taken up by the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.


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