Поп наркоман Ниволин Артур Борисович

In Neftekamsk, a murdered priest was found, next to whom were used condoms and drugs.

The priest lived a turbulent life. About 15 years ago, Nivolin Artur Borisovich, who introduced himself as a clergyman of the Ufa diocese, was detained with heroin and received a prison sentence. He came out of prison and came back to faith.

However, he did not take the right path: he got into scandals (once he called the secretary of the Grand Mufti and, having forged the voice of the Metropolitan, began to resent the behavior of Muslims), was accused of fraud, asked for treatment on fake certificates.

The Ufa diocese said that in 2014 Arthur was excommunicated from the church. Again, a sentence for drugs and fraud. And after serving time, the priest again came to the church, to the Peter and Paul Cathedral.

In early December, the abbot disappeared. Three days ago, he was found dead with stab wounds in his home. Used condoms and smoking devices were lying nearby.

Ria-Novosti reports that the man suspected of murder was detained.

According to investigators, on December 4, the men met in a taxi on the way to Neftekamsk. Subsequently, the suspect asked the victim to let him spend the night at his home. In the evening, there was a quarrel between the men, during which the guest stabbed the owner of the house several times in the chest and stomach, after which he fled.

Only two men in the apartment remain behind the scenes, condoms and drugs used.

However, perhaps the priest decided to discover a new faith, and condoms and drugs are just attributes of the renewed Orthodox cult, and the new adept did not want to fully join it.

Neftekamsk, Russia.


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