Подросток мочится на фотографию ветерана

In Moscow, in the Izmailovo district, a teenager urinated on a stand with a portrait of a veteran and posted a photo on Instagram.

It is reported that the identity of the violator has been established and he faces up to 5 years in prison under the article “Rehabilitation of Nazism“.

Afraid of persecution, the guy fled from Moscow to St. Petersburg. The Russian diaspora in Chechnya has put forward an ultimatum demand to publicly apologize within 24 hours.

You can sympathize with the guy, and the security forces and the Chechen diaspora are looking for him.

UPD: The offender is detained. It turned out to be 19-year-old Matvey Yuferov, who fully repented and realized his guilt. The victim in the case was the son of a veteran, on whose stand with a portrait the accused urinated.

Matvey Yuferov was left in jail until January 25, 2022.


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