False accusation of terrorism

In Penza, a verdict was handed down to those accused of organizing the activities of the “terrorist community “Network”” or participating in it (parts 1 and 2 of article 205.4 of the Criminal Code). In the dock are seven anti-fascists and anarchists: 27-year-old Dmitry Pchelintsev, 23-year-old Ilya Shakursky, 27-year-old Arman Sagynbayev, 30-year-old Andrei Chernov, 31-year-old Vasily Kuksov, 25-year-old Mikhail Kulkov and 25-year-old Maxim Ivankin. They were sentenced to terms ranging from six to 18 years in prison.

The case was investigated by the FSB. Defendants and witnesses reported electric shocks, beatings and pressure from security forces.

The network is actively discussing the unjust sentence.

Source: Mediazona


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