There are mass protests in Kazakhstan. The reason was the increase in gas prices by almost 2 times.

Scattered protests are taking place in almost all cities of Kazakhstan. Part of the police went over to the side of the protesters, while fierce clashes continue.

Public buildings are burning, the most dramatic events are taking place. Several hundred victims were admitted to hospitals, both from protesters and from the police and military.

Kazakh President Tokayev has already signed the resignation of the government.

Protesters’ demands:

  • Reduction of gas and food prices
  • Reduction of prices for fuel and lubricants
  • Lowering the retirement age to 58/56 years
  • Complete resignation of the government
  • Release of all detainees during the demonstration
  • Salary increase
  • Abolition of all subsidiaries of state-owned companies
  • Abolition of the recycling fee
  • Cancellation of toll roads for Kazakh vehicles
  • Increase in pensions
  • Increase in child benefits
  • Meeting with President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, political demands


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