Заочные похороны Жириновского

The leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, was hospitalized with a diagnosis of ‘Acute coronavirus infection’ on February 2 this year. It is reported that Zhirinovsky affected from 50 to 75% of the lungs.

At this time, members of the LDPR party began to receive anonymous messages on social networks that Zhirinovsky had died.

The press service of the LDPR urged not to believe provocations, and Vladimir Zhirinovsky himself is recovering and may continue treatment in an Israeli clinic.

Zhirinovsky is in a private clinic whose whereabouts are not disclosed, while usually patients with coronavirus infection from the Moscow region are placed in the specialized clinic “Kommunarka” in the south of Moscow.

Zhirinovsky’s illness did not cause sympathy on social networks. Instead of sympathy, users laugh at an elderly politician who claimed to have been vaccinated against the coronavirus 8 times.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky is known for numerous scandals associated with his name and outrageous behavior.


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