Сегодня ночью украинские РСЗО пытались нанести удар по военным объектам в российском Белгороде но российское ПВО предотвратило попадание украинской ракеты Точка У

Tonight, Ukrainian MLRS tried to strike military targets in Russia’s Belgorod, but Russian air defenses prevented a Ukrainian Tochka U missile from hitting.

As a result of the actions of the Russian air defense, the missile exploded over a residential building.

At least 5 people were injured.

Social networks snidely quote Russian propaganda on this matter:

Ukrainian air defense

Any shell falling on residential buildings is the result of the work of Ukrainian air defenses, which quite consciously shoot down missiles over cities, knowing that they fly to military factories, military units, to painful points of transport infrastructure.

At the same time, Russian propaganda reported ‘popping’ in Belgorod, followed by ‘smoke’ and negative surfacing.

Cotton in Belgorod

Russians living in the Kursk and Belgorod regions should take care of security issues, because in the case when Russian air defenses shoot down a Ukrainian missile, it can fall on residential buildings.

Or take care of the Russian air defense, because the Russian air defense also “knows” that the downed missile will fall on residential buildings.

Also, users of social networks are concerned about the fate of the boy Lyosha from the Belgorod village, who welcomed the columns of Russian military equipment heading to kill Ukrainians.


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