In social networks, they are discussing the performance of a trance in the gay club of Yekaterinburg, who sang the Russian anthem.

The reaction of the pseudo-puritan society in Russia is different, but most of them are outraged by the behavior of a transsexual.

An even greater thermorectal reaction was caused by the fact that the trance, by the way, his name is Sergei Nechaev, turned out to be a participant in the hostilities in Chechnya and a patriot of Russia:

I am a former combatant in Chechnya and a representative of the LGBT community. I am a patriot, I am for Russia, and I am proud to be its citizen! I didn’t think that people could take it as a disrespect for state symbols and an insult.

Considering that advertising of homosexual relations is prohibited in Russia, the reaction of Russian propaganda is completely incomprehensible. Most likely, propagandists, like those who like to force people to make public apologies, such as Ramzan Kadyrov, will prefer to remain silent, but the slap sounded quite loud.

However, excuses still arrived, and from the most unexpected side. The administration of the gay club where Nechaev’s performance took place did apologize on its part:

Every weekend the club hosts parties with the participation of drag artists, DJs, pop stars. The artist’s number was not agreed with the club’s management. Our club is an institution that does not touch upon the topics of politics.

To paraphrase a quote from the famous Russian writer Venedikt Erofeev, we can say this:

And you should note that homosexuality in our country has been eradicated, although completely, but not entirely. Rather, entirely, but not completely. Or rather, even like this: entirely and completely, but not completely. What’s on the public’s mind right now? Only homosexuality. Well, Ukraine is also on my mind, war, Crimea, Zelensky. Well, what if we drive Russia out of Crimea, and reconcile Russians with Ukrainians? What will remain in people’s minds then? Only pure homosexuality.


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