Shariy fucks a dog

Pro-Russian blogger Anatoly Shariy threatened to fuck his dog if Russian troops captured Bakhmut. Now social media users are demanding that the blogger keep his promise.

Shariy wrote in his Telegram channel:

Friends! In the comments, those who have been pierced still write that the RF Armed Forces will be able to take Bakhmut. I’m not kidding! They really believe that the shell-hungry Wagner convicts can do it. So that you understand the chances of their delirium, let’s say this: I’m ready to fuck my dog if Bakhmut is handed over [AFU].
Shary with a dog

After the Russian troops captured Bakhmut, social media users began to demand that Shariy fulfill his promise and fuck the dog.

However, the blogger is in no hurry to fulfill his promise, although he hints that he is ready to fuck his dog and post the video in a private channel.


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