фейковый раненый боец

They were believers in the temple, factory workers, sailors, ice cream sellers, flight attendants and airmen. This time, FSO officers portrayed wounded soldiers of the Russian Army.

It’s no secret that Putin’s paranoia prevents him from meeting with ordinary Russian citizens. In the role of extras at Putin’s meetings with people are FSO officers.

This was noticed by users on social networks. At Putin’s meeting with wounded and convalescent servicemen, the same man pretends to be a patient of a military hospital, when earlier the same person was noticed as a worker of a defense enterprise.

Mockery of the Russian president’s cowardice occurs regularly. Recall that at a meeting with representatives of Russian airlines , users of social networks drew attention to the fact that Putin spoke not in front of the audience, but in front of empty chairs. Putin was betrayed by a hand passing freely through a microphone and a kettle in which empty chairs were displayed.

Also at this meeting, a woman was seen who had previously acted as an ice cream seller when Putin visited an air show in Zhukovsky.


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