Фейк финского блогера

The propaganda website kremll.info published a post from the alleged ‘Finnish blogger’ which is a fake of 2015.

But that’s not all. State Duma Deputy Irina Rodnina made a republish of this fake on Twitter.

Fake Irina Rodnina

This was noted by the head of FBK Maria Pevchikh:

A Facebook post from so-called ‘Finnish blogger Vekko Korhonen from the city of Oulu’ is fake from start to finish. Finnish blogger Vekko Korhonen does not exist, and the person depicted in the photo is actually a professor at the University of Helsinki Atte Korhola.

Finnish fake blogger

The fake, on behalf of the ‘Finnish blogger’, has been reprinted many times by the Russian media and has also been exposed many times, but that doesn’t stop stupid propagandists from reprinting it over and over again.

Deputy Irina Rodnina should be more attentive to publications on social networks and check information so as not to deserve notoriety, as happened to the Chairman of the Rodina Party Alexei Zhuravlev, whose publications can no longer do without humiliating hints on turtles.


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