Dmitry Medvedev revealed Russias aggressive plans

The fact that Russia is following the path of creating a totalitarian-fascist state has been obvious for a long time. Only a few details were missing, which will probably appear soon.

Former Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev proposed the creation of ‘quiet groups of impeccably inconspicuous people who carry out [assassinations] effectively.’

Medvedev suggested using the experience of the Second World War “and other countries” to create an organization dedicated to the liquidation of people objectionable to the regime.

A similar point of view was expressed by the Advisor to Denis Pushilin, Yan Gagin, who proposed to recreate SMERSH.

SMERSH is essentially the secret police of the times of Joseph Stalin. The organization was engaged in filtering military personnel, identifying spies and controlling dissidents.

The death squads engaged in extrajudicial killings, fighting guerrillas and intimidating the opposition. In Latin America, death squads were in the service of repressive dictatorial regimes.

In Russia, such information stuffing is often carried out when someone from the country’s leadership or a media person publicly expresses ideas close to extremist in order to assess the reaction of society.

Russia meets the criteria of a fascist state. The creation of an organization for extrajudicial killings will only complement the overall picture.


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