Social media users drew attention to the inconsistency in the date indicated by Putin’s words and concluded that Putin’s trip to the Donetsk region was nothing more than a propaganda stunt.

Putin presented the commander of a group of troops in the Donetsk region with an icon and said that Easter would be coming soon. However, Easter was on Sunday, April 16, and according to propaganda, Putin visited the Donetsk region on Monday, April 17.

Later, on the Kremlin’s official website, the word “will” was removed from the video, but a copy remained online, which was posted earlier by propaganda channels.

Even more ridicule was caused by propagandists’ claims that Putin was carrying a ‘nuclear suitcase’ with him.

Putin's suitcase with shit

In fact, Putin is so afraid that someone will get his ‘biomaterials’ that on long trips he takes a special suitcase with him to relieve himself.

All this led to the conclusion that Putin did not visit the Donetsk region, or at least did so much earlier than the video was published, which once again made Putin a laughingstock.


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