Mounting foam in the ass

In Russian propaganda publics, the narrative is spreading that Russian prisoners of war are filled with mounting foam in the anus:

Southeast of Rabotino, they find the corpses of our soldiers with polyurethane foam in the anus, apparently these are prisoners …
Khokhols are nonhumans.

The idea has been circulating in the Russian media since 2014 and is passed on orally as evidence of the brutality of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Often such horror stories are told by the commanders of military units to their subordinates before being sent to the front.

The narrative exists in different interpretations: sometimes they say that the girl was poured polyurethane foam into the vagina or throat. Or both together.

There is no doubt that this fake will be repeated again and again. The main task of propaganda is to show that opponents do not deserve to live and there is nothing human in them.


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